When you post an item, and your customer's comment sold - there are five ways that we can notify them that we received their comment, we'll go over how to set them all up here

1 - Comments

When your customer comments, you can setup your page to auto-respond for you! Note: Your page has to be linked to your group. We have heard reports of engagement being lower with linked groups, so if you are worried, you do not have to do this part. You can control what comments are sent by editing them here: https://commentsold.com/admin/setup/templates

2 - Private Replies (new!)

If your page is linked to your group, we now support private replies! What that means is that you can either post into your group as your page through CommentSold (this can be done by selecting, "Post as: Linked Page" when scheduling), or post and link it - then when customers comment, even if they've NEVER purchased from you, we can send them a direct message! If you are used to the old CommentSold auto-reply comments, you will love this because they won't get temporarily blocked from commenting!

Just navigate over to the Facebook Setup tab and make sure your page is enabled under the page tab, and make sure that page is linked with your group

3 - Messenger (sync)

When you go to Facebook Setup -> Messenger -> Enable on a page you own, CommentSold will then send Messages from that page to people who checkout! Then, next time they comment on an item, they'll receive a messenger message with their order confirmation like this:

4 - Email

Email happens automatically - if your customer has ever logged into your shop before, they will automatically get an email with their invoice and simple instructions on how to checkout!

Sneak peak - we have fully customizable emails coming soon so you can dress them up in any way you'd like - putting your own brand into your messages!

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