Waitlist authorization is a new game changer! This allows your customers to authorize their cards on those waitlisted pieces that they love so much, and gives you the extra push to give it to them!

How it works:
When a customer is waitlisted, they can access the item in their waitlist tab and choose to, "Be first on the waitlist". When a customer chooses to authorize their card, they are giving us permission to charge their card and create an order IF the item is back in stock within 30 days of their authorization. We do not charge the card before this time. If the item is not re stocked within 30 days, the authorization expires, and the item remains on their waitlist just as any ordinary item, only to be notified that is in their cart when back in stock. 

How do my customers get to the top of my waitlist?!

Once you've been notified your item is waitlist, access your waitlist tab in your account. 

Select, "Click here to be first on the waitlist"

Select your payment method for authorization

DONE! Your item is now authorized. 

How do I track it?
Jump into your "Waitlist" tab in Commentsold!
View how many authorizations are on each item!

Watch the orders create as you re stock!

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