Oh man, do we have a release train for you! Let's get right into all the goodies!

Shipping Platform

We launched our own shipping platform! Bye bye goShippo! Everything is completely integrated, including in-app tracking! Simply go to Shipping and click "Enable CommentSold Shipping"!

Real-Time Status

Now you will be able to quickly see the status of the CommentSold platform. If our anomaly systems detect something strange going on, it will change the status so you can see with a quick glance, if there are any issues with the services.

Edit your default post template

You can now edit the template that pops up when posting! Simply click here to edit or go to Setup -> Templates -> Facebook Post

Set your own return!

You can now set your own return reasons. For example you can have: 'Defective', 'Too Small', 'Too Large', 'Wrong Item', 'Quality', 'Not what was expected', 'Inventory Error', 'No reason given', etc..

To edit these, simply go to Setup -> Returns


You can quickly see how many comments the system has picked up for a particular post

Quick sales tracking

You now have a quick-view into how your sales are trending vs last week! This measurement is a good birds-eye view of how the week is going. It's counted from Monday till now. It also calculates it for that same time last week. For example, if you you look at this on the dashboard today (Wednesday at 4pm) - then it shows you sales from the start of Monday until Wednesday at 4pm. It ALSO shows you the difference between sales from last Monday to last Wednesday at 4pm - to give you a picture of how you're trending!

Bug Fixes/Minor Improvements

  1. Now when a customer clicks "new card" in the dropdown, it will automatically prompt them for a new card. This was confusing to some new users. 
  2. Resizing photos - now, you will no longer get the error "photo.validation failed - file too large". We automatically resize the image to fit under the 4MB facebook limit
  3. Sometimes when you made a live selection, it would go to the back of the products page which made it hard to find/link. That is fixed!
  4. Canadian customers can be more expensive, you can now raise the prices for Canada customers
  5. The system will now show you, on the posts page, whether it was posted to a Group or Page, to help you navigate
  6. Auto-replies now tag customers
  7. Lots of Instagram improvements.

Upcoming features to lookout for: Square and BigCommerce integration, much better Instagram support, our own credit card processing platform (which will be waaaay cheaper than PayPal/Stripe), and SMS support to schedule a text blast to your customers, which they can then comment sold to buy!

Lastly - we've been talking with Facebook daily. They are keeping us informed with all the upcoming changes and we are confident that there is nothing to worry about in terms of support. That said, we have plan B, C, D, E and F if we need to use them ;)

As always, reach out to us if you need help. Keep sending us suggestions on how we can make the platform better for YOU!

Happy Selling! 


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