Hey friends!
We hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing 4th of July! If not relaxing, then I hope you had a successful day of selling! Let's jump into the RT for the week!

Shipstation Integration
We're super excited about this one! If you've been a long time user of Shipstation, you can now use it to fulfill Commentsold orders! Simply go here, and copy and paste your API key.
As orders are fulfilled in Shipstation, they will also be fulfilled in Commentsold.

Disable Tax per Customer
To do this, go to your customers tab, search the name you're needing to disable tax for, and select, "Disable Tax" from the drop down within the 3 dots. That customer's account will be labeled and not charged tax. 

Update Quantities in Customer Cart
To allow your customer to manually edit their quantities, enable this option here.
From the account page and they manually type in their desired amount of that product, and as long as in stock, it will update! If not enough in stock, the system will update with as many as are in stock. *Note: When clicking the trash icon, it will remove that sku all together, not just 1 in quantity*

View Associated Orders with a Specific Coupon
Go to your coupons tab, click the 3 dots next to any coupon, and choose "Associated Orders" 

Wholesale/Quantity Ordering
We're SO excited to announce this to you guys! We've just rolled out quantity ordering for wholesalers! This is still in its beta phase, and we've got a few shops testing it out for us! If you'd also like to be a beta tester, message us for more details!
Quick updates: 

  • We've optimized the loading time on the app feed
  • Big Commerce integration no longer pulling over foreign characters into variants. 
  • Square payments is now available to everyone under Payment Gateways
  • Updated colored tags under "View Comments" 

Thanks again, you guys!! Have a wonderful rest of your week! 

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