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You already know what time it is, let's dive right into the RT for the week! Our dev. team hit this one out of the park!

Introducing CS Web...

We have been holding this one in!! CommentSold has everything you need to be able to run your shop from Facebook groups, to mobile, and now on web. Chat us to enable our new CS Web feature! Add collections, banners, and more onto your very own online store!  Your new CS Web Store helps new buyers find you, and allows for advanced marketing to your shoppers within social media.

*This feature is only available on the Commentsold business plan. Chat us to upgrade your plan if you'd like to enable!*

Order Source added to Customer Cart
When viewing a customers cart, quickly see where they added that product from: product list, Facebook comment, Instagram, or mobile app! 

Commentsold VIP Group
GO! Go and join our VIP group just for customers now! We're so excited to have you guys in this community with us! Join here

Mobile App Updates
You've asked, and we've delivered. In the next batch of mobile beta apps, you can sign-up or login with just an email and password. With this addition to mobile, users are no longer required to have a Facebook account, and you are further insulating your mobile sales from change. Own it!

*If you are a beta tester for your shop, we ask that you please refrain from downloading your app in the App/Google play store. In order to keep up with and view updates, download your beta app from within the Crashlytics email! Your beta app is always 1 step ahead of whats live in the App/Google play store :)  

Quick Updates: 

  • Beginning August 1, 2018, Facebook is no longer allowing apps to publish posts into groups....here's the catch...this doesn't apply to us! We may need everyone to reconnect your Facebook come 8/1, but we will let you know!
  • Private replies now include the the link for customers to log in and pay! 
  • Local pick up charging shipping on waitlist authorizations has been fixed! 
  • Night time expire bug is fixed! If you have our night time expire feature disabled, products will not expire 11pm - 7am from the customer cart. 
  • Multiple quantities bug is fixed! If this feature is disabled, your products will show individually in the cart. 
  • Shops using Square as a payment gateway should not be receiving any more check out errors! 
  • Update to the product list to prevent it from showing duplicate items 
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