This is one of our biggest, most requested additions yet! We're super excited to offer you all another way to have customers shop the product that they're loving from you that also doesn't require FB/IG log in!
Scroll down for tab by tab breakdowns. 


Starting off, you'll want to create pages for your shop that contain information outside of products, such as your return policy, how to contact you, or maybe an "About Us" section. We've provided you with some of the basics that you can build off of! You can edit their content, titles, URL, add and remove pages as you'd like! Try clicking the 3 dots to the right of any page and start filling it up with your shop's information!

Don't forget to issue your page its URL! We recommend having each page's URL also match the page title. 


You will want to group together like items and place them into collections. These collections can then be created into pages or a tab on your main menu, found under navigation. You can assign the proper collection to your products as you create them, and also create collection specific coupons

Here are a few examples of collections you may want to create:
Tops, Bottoms, Sweaters, Dresses, Rompers, Shoes, Boots, Sandals, Sale, season products, or even specific brands!

You can move items in and out of collections easily, by editing that product, and simply assigning it its new collection. 

To add a collection to your main page, visit Navigation, Main Menu, and add that collections title and link under "Menu Items". Save and tada! Arrange the order by dragging and dropping the menu items using the 3 lines to the left. Now, check out your new tab on your homepage!


Ahhh, this is the easy stuff! In your preferences tab you'll be setting up your logo, contact information, social media links, and your title + meta description! The title and meta description will help define how your store shows up on search engines. In order to have your shop visible on search engines, you'll need your Google Analytics to be embed here.
You'll find your social media links along the bottom of your site. 

Once you've created your pages and collections, you can begin placing them appropriately using your navigation tab! Your most popular collections may want to fall under your main menu so its listed at the top, while other pages may want to fall along the bottom under "Help" or "Links". Refer to the "collections" section above on how to add a specific collection to your main menu. You can add pages or collection links wherever you'd like! 


Now we're onto the fun part! Set as many banners as you'd like, with images and links to collections or pages related to that image! You can arrange them, change them with new arrivals or sales, and always have them directing customers where you'd like them to go! This is the place to showcase your brand through creative images, or lifestyle shots, and keep it fun. 


Very similar to your banners, these are fixed images that will not rotate, but will see be the place for you to showcase additional collections or pages that you don't want as headliners in your banners. 

Email List

At the bottom of your Commentsold webstore, shoppers can register their email with you! Under your email list you'll be provided emails of anyone who's registered and their registration date.

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