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Commentsold Webstore 

(previously known as Shopify Lite)

Before we get any further, go ahead and take a look at our brand new Commentsold Webstore guide! A full on overview of each tab, what it's purpose is, and how you can put it to use! Don't forget to let us know your thoughts on the guide!
A few more updates: 

  • Products with multiple images - you're now able to enlarge the photo you'd like to view by clicking on it.
  • When there are 10+ variants for a product, they will be shown in a dropdown instead of an individual button for each color/size. 

Facebook Live Update
Last week we launched our live tab for you guys to alert your customers all via FB messenger! Now you'll find 2 more additional tabs there, "Live Products" and "Comments". Under your "live products" tab you'll find a listing of the most recent linked products to a video. Under "comments" you'll see real-time comments as they're left, and comments as they're processed! The dev. team absolutely KILLED it this week! 

CSV Reports
New CSV reports have been added to your reports tab! Check 'em out! 

Quick Updates: 

  • Ever respond to a customer trying to help them with their "sold" comment? And then CS tries to process your comment?! No more, my friends! As long as you are commenting from the Facebook account connected to CS, you're in the clear :) 
  • Edit and update your product list WHILE its live! From your posts tab, click edit next to your linked product selection. Next, make the adjustments, and select "Update Live Post"
  • Invalid comment private replies will be sent regardless if the invalid auto reply is enabled. 
  • Anyone effected by not receiving back in stock messenger notifications should not have this issue anymore! 

Wholesale Updates:

  • Expiration reminders are now being sent per product, instead of per individual item. 
  • When a size is excluded from a "sold" comment, CS will assume its 0 instead of sending them an invalid comment. For example, for an item available in S, M, and L, the comment may be, "sold 1/2"

App updates:

  • All launched apps have had their media galleries and email log in pushed live! Your customers can now update their current app to view these updates. 
  • If you'd like to push your live selection products to your app, well now ya can! Be sure to check the notification box when linking your video to push these products to your app peeps too! 

That's all friends! Keep killin' it! 

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