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Happy August and happy RT Day!! Let's jump in -

Sale Prices
The ability to put items on sale has been long awaited. To put an item on sale, visit the inventory/pricing page of any product! You'll see a new "sale" column where you can mark those prices down! The sale price will be reflected in the Commentsold Webstore and the app for those of you taking advantage of those avenues. (If you aren't, chat us! We'll hook ya up!)

Facebook Live
Create and link your live product selections right away from the new "Link" tab under "Live". This is the exact table you all are currently using from the products tab, only now you'll find it under your live tab as well :) 

Auto Comment 'the Link'!
Forget to pin your link for customers to check out during a live? No problem! Once you link your live selection to a post, Commentsold will auto comment your link for you! 

Quick Updates:

  • When linking manual posts with your auto replies enabled, it will now mention your customers as well! This will notify them that not only did you respond to their comment, but that you mentioned them in a comment as well. 
  • Customers can now opt out of messenger notifications from their account page! This is v.1, and soon we'll allow them to opt out of only promotional messages from the live tab, but not necessarily messages about their comments/orders. 
  • Customers who have not registered through IG will now have their name visible in the shopping cart tab! Prompt them to register and get their goodies! 
  • Commentsold webstore images have been updated! Previously, your additional images were not brought to focus when selected....not anymore!
  • Search has been added to your CS webstore ;)
  • Products posted to your collection will be listed in descending order with the newest products first. 
  • The drop down for variants on your CS Webstore has been edited to include 2 drop downs if there are more than 20 variants, split into color and size, 1 drop down for more than 10 variants, and individual buttons for less than 10.  
  • Hide sold out products from your Commentsold webstore here.

 aaaaand if you haven't installed the Commentsold app to your group(s), what are you waiting on?! Not sure if you've installed it? Check this out: https://insights.commentsold.com/company_news/how-to-fix-facebook-permissions-error 

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