Hey! I am Ben East, a product manager and scrum master at CommentSold! This week we’ve snuck in a couple of big enhancements; however, we also did a bunch of cleanup on BUGS! You told us your largest issues, and we’ve taken the whole week to fix them. Mixed in with the fixes are a few feature requests that were so great that we could NOT delay, so here they are!

Automatically Charge on Comment

This has been a highly requested feature, and we know you’re going to dig it! Your customers can opt-in for their card to be automatically charged when they comment sold on your post, bypassing the cart altogether! Once enabled for your shop, your customers will be able to opt-in through their account page. To start using this feature visit, Setup > Shop > Automatic Payments. 

Last Posts on Each Platform

In the past you’ve been able to see when you last posted to Facebook on the Products page. Now it shows your last post date for all platforms!

Search Posts by Product Name

You can now search for posts with a particular word instead of just searching by SKU! 

Block Customers

You can now block customers by going to the Customers tab, opening their 3 dot menu, and clicking Block Customer. You can unblock them in the same way. This will prevent the customer from ordering from your shop on all platforms (FB, Instagram, iOS, Android and Web). We are working on ways to determine which customers do not pay frequently so you can have a list of the worst-performing vs best-performing customers!

Sale Price Added to Templates

If your product is on sale, your Facebook & App descriptions will be generated with the sale price automatically when creating a post from CommentSold. Previously, you had to enter the sale price manually.

Combined Local Pickup Orders

In the past, local pickup orders were not grouped by customer; this feature was only available for shipped orders. That changes today; you can now print local pickup labels for a single customer in one go!


This RT was all about BUGS! You all submitted your most annoying issues and we’ve spent a whole week fixing them! We’ll have EVEN MORE bug fixes next week, along with a few new features. But for now, let’s go over what has been fixed.

  • Match combo sizes with their component sizes (S matches S/M, M matches S/M, S matches Small, Small matches S, Med/Medium, Lg/L/Large)
  • Add email opt-in verbiage on email onboarding modal 
  • Fixed products not showing up on Products list when using the new auto-link feature
  • Added rate-limiting for push notifications (one notification per minute limit)
  • Fixed issue with some customers being charged twice for one order on mobile
  • Fixed PayPal buffering issue due to server overload
  • Fixed a rare issue where inventory did not update correctly on guest purchase
  • Fixed issue with CS not being able to post as pages in groups
  • Added the “Remove Customer” button on the Customers page.

We have another week ahead packed full of the most requested bug fixes and features from you guys! Keep sending suggestions on how to improve the platform, and we’ll keep making it better!

Happy selling!


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