What happens when you ask a team of the top developers in the world to fix bugs? You get a whole release train packed full of bug fixes and a few features to make it even more exciting! Let’s dive right in!

Send Push Notifications Upon Auto-Linking

This feature is HUGE and just in time for the Facebook Grow Live Challenge!!! If you’ve not heard, Facebook only notifies a portion of your customers when you go live. As a result, a lot of your customers that WANT to watch your stream have no clue it’s even happening! If you have a mobile app you’re in for a treat! With this feature enabled, when your products are auto-linked our system will send a push notification as if you had scheduled it to send to the app. You can choose whether to include your mobile description or Facebook description in the notification. If you don’t have an app yet check out the “Mobile Setup” tab in your admin dashboard for more information!

🎉Mobile App Tab🎉

We've added a new tab on your dashboard called, "Mobile App Setup" that allows you to set the quantity display limit within your app! This means you can set the scarcity of your products, even if you have 100 in stock! The mobile tab is a groundbreaking addition to the platform and we will continue to add more settings that will allow you to take control of your app like never before!

Add Credit from the Customer Page

If you’ve ever had to back out of the Customer Details page to add credit to an account this feature is for you! We’ve added a button that will let you easily add credit on their page without going back to the Customers tab. 

Bulk Add Variants by Default

In the past, you had to click a pencil icon before you could bulk edit the variants of a product. This feature is now enabled automatically! 🎊

Hide Collections in the App

You can now hide any collection from the users of your mobile app. If you have an online store you can toggle your collections by going to Online Store > Collections > click the three dots next to the collection you want to hide from your app and click “Hide in App.” Similarly, click “Show in App” to show the collection in your app.

Add Multiple Variants after Creation

This one is a real time saver!! We’ve made it so you can add new colors and sizes to the variant list of a product by taking just a few steps instead of adding each variant manually! In your variants list, simply click the plus sign under “Color” to add a new color to your product, once added it will automatically create a new variant of the added color with each size currently available in the product. If you add a new size option to a product it will add a variant of that size for each color!

Edit Multiple Products at Once

Here’s another feature to save hours you would otherwise spend doing a repetitive task!! Introducing bulk editing for products in the Products tab! You can select all of your products on the current page or just specific ones. This allows you to mass publish/unpublish your products, move them in and out of collections, and bulk delete! Prior to this RT you had to do all of this for each product individually. 


CS Team Power-Ups

We’ve added some super useful features to help our team become even more efficient at what they do. Everyone is constantly making big moves and growing as a team to better help you guys!

New Servers!

CommentSold has finally upgraded to more powerful servers! This will allow us to scale exponentially and maintain awesome speed. Thanks to everyone on our team who put a ton of effort into making this happen!


We’ve squashed some of the most annoying bugs that haunt you all daily! Here are a few of the things we’ve fixed this RT!

  • Fixed an occasional issue with PayPal spinning on checkout
  • Description text editor putting paragraph tags around sentences
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate posts in rare cases
  • Fixed automatic messenger replies
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Various other small bug fixes

What’s Next?

We are gearing up to release groundbreaking features to expand our current Live functionality in the near future, not to mention all of the other awesome features that you've been requesting! Keep on the lookout for upcoming releases. For now it’s your turn! If there’s something that we could add that would make your life easier we want to know about it! Submit your feature requests and vote on your favorite ideas here:

As always, happy selling 😃

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