With another week of selling under everyone's belts you'll be excited to start using the features we've launched! We've also sprayed some repellent in the air to get rid of some annoying bugs. Let's get right to it!

🔥 Exchange Items Without Refunding 🔥

You have FLOODED us with requests for this feature and we love it! You can now exchange items without having to refund the customer and doing an admin sale! To exchange a product simply choose an order from the Orders page, click “Initiate Return” and click the orange “Exchange” button. Choose the product and variant you want to exchange the current item for and you'll be on your way!

Comment Charge Waitlist Addition

Since the release of Comment Charge we've received a TON of awesome feedback and love for the feature! Now we've made it so when your customers comment sold and they are waitlisted, we automatically authorize their card. If you don't have Comment Charge enabled yet click here, scroll all the way down, and turn it on! This feature will be extended to wholesale in the near future.

Squashed Bugs & Upcoming Features 👢🐜

  • In the past pictures imported from Shopify would not scale properly on CommentSold web, this has been fixed!
  • Cool things are in the works for mobile!
  • We are making great progress on some super cool live features, we'll share more details sooon enough!
  • We improved the Efficiency of our "comment readers"
  • We added cool stuff for our awesome marketing peeps
  • Many more really tiny fixes that you may notice
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