As Autumn rolls in the bugs start to roll out; at least that's how it works in the real world. We've spent another week fighting off the issues that seem small but have a significant impact on your workflow. Our mobile team has blown us all away with a new login feature that you'll love!

Reset Password from the Mobile App

Do customers ever contact you saying they can't access their account on your mobile app because they can't reset their password? They can now reset it straight from the app! HYPE!!! Click the image for full size.

Squashed Bugs

  • Fixed re-sizing bug that caused large images to be down-sampled too much resulting in quality loss.
  • Linking products without an image to a live sale has been fixed - an image is now required.
  • On /Admin/Waitlist/ some search bars now appear- fixed!
  • Gift card products now have truly unlimited quantity.
  • We made changes to catch some issues on the backend faster.
  • 20 smaller bugs have been patched!!!

Feature Requests

Vote for the features you want the most by clicking the button below! The more votes a feature gets the sooner it will get worked on!

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