This week features plenty of bug fixes, new analytics data, features, and teasers for what's to come! Let's get right to it!!

Local Pickup on ShipStation

You can now toggle if local pickup orders sync on ShipStation!! To enable this feature go to Setup > Shipping > ShipStation and toggle it on.

Top Offenders Report

The Top Offenders report provides you with the most troublesome customers that always abandon your orders and let them expire! This is another powerful tool to stop these users from keeping your awesome products from those who really want to purchase them! You can access this report by going to Admin > Reporting > Top Offenders.

BigCommerce Resync Button

Sometimes even the best systems have hiccups. That's why we're providing our users who utilize the BigCommerce integration with a Resync Button. The button is available on a per-order basis in Admin > Orders.


A ton of reports have been added to Admin > Reporting > CSV!! I'll leave it up to you to go explore and discover what's new :)

Search Products by Bin Location

You can now search your products by their physical location! Let's say you set the location of a product's small blue shirt variant as BIN12, you can now type BIN12 in the search bar on Admin > Products and the products of that bin will show!


  • We fixed an issue with account credit not appearing on the webstore.
  • The Add Balance button on the Customer Details page can now be used on mobile.
  • We fixed 10 smaller bugs, we're chipping away at these fast!

 Upcoming Features

  • We've launched our new LIVE SELLING DASHBOARD to a small group of users! Stay tuned!!!
  • Imagine a time in the future where your customers could authorize their waitlisted products on your mobile app: IT'S COMING!!🔥🔥🔥
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