Another week of selling means another round of features & fixes!  We've also shown some of these bugs who's boss. Here's what's new!

Add to Live Selections With your Scanner

When you open a live selection you can add products to it by scanning their CommentSold barcode!

Define Your Own Package Preferences

You can now define custom shipping rates based on product weight!! This feature is available in Admin > Setup > Shipping > Package Preferences. Only available with CommentSold shipping

Show Webstore Images Side-By-Side on Mobile

We've made it so images on your webstore will display side-by-side when your customer shops using their mobile device in portrait mode. This feature can be enabled in Admin > Store > Preferences. This is not enabled by default.

🔥 HYPE Section 🔥

Here are a few of the upcoming's to get your blood pumping!

  • The test group is getting v2 of our new LIVE functionality! This update includes the ability to choose between HD square video and Portrait videos! This update also includes real-time comments, real-time inventory, etc. We can't wait to empower everyone with all of this cool new tech to everyone!
  • We've successfully crunched six more bugs in this release! Including the Products Tab sorting!
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