CommentSold LIVE is a platform that allows you to go live from a single app, which will then automatically go live on your Page, in your Group and on your mobile app all at the same time!

Step 1 -

Download/Login to your CommentSold Broadcast app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you open the app, it will ask you to login to your CommentSold account. Use the same login you use for the CommentSold dashboard.

Step 2

You can feel free to start streaming by pressing the red record button. By starting to stream, you are NOT going live. You are simply sending the stream over to CommentSold so you can position the camera, see how it looks, etc.

Once you start streaming, head over to on your computer. You can also go to -> Live tab -> "Live Overview"

On Step 2, under your Video, click Product Selection to use a previously created product selection or choose Dynamic Selection to scan products or add them dynamically during your live sale.

Step 3 - Pick where you want to go live

Pick where you want to go live. You can also send a messenger message to all of your people who have opted-in to receive messenger updates. It will automatically include a link to the live sale for them to click!

Step 4 - Sell Sell Sell

After clicking Go Live, CommentSold will auto-link your post, then you will see comments in real-time (from both your page AND your group)!

Along with that, you will see Real-Time inventory for all the items in your live sale, so you can quickly see what's left in what sizes/colors as you are interacting with your audience.

To update the overlay, simply click the white area around the product you want to display. If you click the product name or picture, that will go to the Inventory page, so avoid that. Clicking the product will automatically update the overlay on the video for your customers to see!

Let's do this!

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