CommentSold LIVE is a platform that allows you to go live from a single app, which will then automatically go live on your Page, in your Group and on your mobile app all at the same time! Please keep in mind that we are currently in beta, and there will be issues. That said, the app was just approved to be used for anyone who wants to try!

Along with that, CommentSold LIVE gives you the unique ability to add dynamic overlays on your live streams. No more note cards!

Finally, going live this way increases the video quality of your live from 360p to 720p HD (previously only for select facebook partners, now available to all of CommentSold!!)

It's currently available for iOS only. This app will eventually turn into the app to manage all of CommentSold:

Download here:

Step 1 - 

Download/Login to your CSAdmin app. This is currently invite-only beta but will soon be released for all

Once you open the app, it will ask you to login to your CommentSold account. Then you will be prompted to select the type of stream (Square or Portrait). Right now, only Square is supported with the overlay so please give that a shot.

Step 2

You can feel free to start streaming. By starting to stream, you are NOT going live. You are simply sending the stream over to CommentSold so you can position the camera, see how it looks, etc

I would go to Facebook Setup -> click Re-Connect facebook and make sure to accept all permissions. We need user_videos permission to go live as YOU in your group

Once you start streaming, head over to on your computer. You can also go to -> Live tab -> "NEW Live Overview"

Click your product selection and click "Next" to automatically go to the overview screen

Video Preview only works in Chrome. Feel free to click "Preview Video" to look at the stream. Make sure it is smooth. It is important to note that you are NOT live at this point. Since we are streaming in HD, if you internet is not good, your viewers will have a bad experience. You can easily check this by watching your preview before going live. All that's left is to select your live sale selection, click the places you want to go live, and then click "Go Live"! 

Step 3 - Pick where you want to go live

Pick where you want to go live. You can also send a messenger message to all of your people who have opted-in to receive messenger updates. It will automatically include a link to the live sale for them to click!

Step 5 - Sell Sell Sell

After clicking Go Live, CommentSold will auto-link your post, then you will see comments in real-time (from both your page AND your group)!

Along with that, you will see Real-Time inventory for all the items in your live sale, so you can quickly see what's left in what sizes/colors as you are interacting with your audience.

To update the overlay, simply click the right or left arrows next to the product picture. That will automatically update the overlay on the video for your customers to see!

For the more advanced users, you can actually scan the product while you are live - that will switch the overlay to whatever product you scan!

Step 4 - be a boss

Enjoy SUPER HD, no lag video in your live stream - only from CommentSold!

We're always looking for ways to improve this process. If you are interested, please go ahead and give this new live sale format a shot. Afterwards, let us know what is great and what sucks so we can improve it! Remember you can always go live in a test group to see how everything works.

Let's do this!

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