November is here with a few features, bug fixes, and an awesome change to strict fulfillment! We'll start it off with a HIGHLY requested addition to reporting on CommentSold! 

New Reports for Tax Purposes

We've added the Sales by State, Inventory by Month, Return Percentage by Vendor, and Returns by Product reports this release! Go to Admin > Reporting > CSV and check them out!

Notify Customers When a Waitlist Item is Available

We now send push notifications to your customers that have your app when a waitlist item is available and carted! This occurs for items waitlisted on any platform.

Comments Sometimes Not Being Detected

In the past a bug has caused 'sold' M/L, S/M, MED/LG, or MED/L to not be picked up by our system. The bug has been fixed and your customers can now use these alias's to cart items!

Strict Fulfillment No Longer Prompts

With strict fulfillment enabled you are usually asked if you are sure you want to fulfill the order even though all of the items have been scanned. We've taken this step out which means your process should be more efficient! Strict Fulfillment is now enabled by default, to manage this permission go to Admin > Team > Edit User and change their Manually Fulfill Orders permission.

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