I'll keep this one short & sweet since it's 🦃 day! This week we continued working on Canny bugs and launched a cool new feature! We're waiting until after Black Friday to release a bulk of this weeks work to make sure the platform is stable for you all. Here's what we did release!

Your Customers Can Ask, "What's Available?"

Sometimes your customers need to know if an item is available in their size and the color they want. Now they can simply ask, "what's available" and our system will pick it up and respond with what's still in stock! This question can be asked in many different variations and we should be able to pick them all up!

You can change the template of this message in /Admin/Setup/Templates. This feature does not return the quantity for single variant products, only the name of the variant.

Want to see what's being worked on next week? Check it out here!
FEATURES Note that some of the features are long-term projects.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving!

- Ben

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