We hope everyone had an Awesome Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a ton of sales! We've heard plenty of awesome stories and saw a ton of engagement on your giveaways! Since we didn't release last weeks RT due to Black Friday we're releasing two weeks of fixes & additions today! Here's what you can expect!

Fixed Only One Image Appearing on Bulk Upload

When bulk uploading images to a product in Edit Images only 1 image would appear until you reloaded the page. The images will just appear when uploaded now! This will be less confusing for everyone.

Fixed Gift Cards not Appearing in the Products List

Previously gift card products would not appear in the Product list on the account page because they were being marked as waitlist only. This has been fixed!

Added a "Shipped with ShipStation" Tag

To combat ShipStation issues we've added a label saying whether an order has been synced to ShipStation or not.

CommentSold Webstore: Images of Different Aspect Ratios

Sometimes webstore images would be the wrong size and aspect ratio. We've fixed these issues!

Customers Tab: Add an Icon When Comment Charge is Enabled

We've added an icon for when Comment Charge is enabled on a customers account! Comment Charge must be enabled on your shop for this to appear. We've also changed the SMS icon to a phone so you can easily distinguish what is what at a glance! 

Customers Tab: Ability to Disable Comment Charge

You can now disable and enable Comment Charge from the customers page! This option is also enabled only if you have Comment Charge enabled for your shop.

Fixed Inconsistent Label Prices

In the past our system would tell you different label prices when you clicked the Calculate Prices button. This was because all of the labels hadn't loaded in the first time the button was clicked and when it was clicked again the price was higher because it was all of the labels. This functionality has been fixed and label calculations should be consistent now!

Fixed the "New Card" Button on the Account Page

In the past customers could not click the New Card button on the /account page when there wasn't an existing card. This made the payment process a bit less intuitive. This issue has been fixed and your customers can now click the New Card button in every case.

IOS Push Notifications Display HTML

As you can see in the image below some of our shops were having issues with their push notifications displaying weird HTML stuff. Those who were impacted by this should no longer have this issue!

Time Zones Not Working

Shops that are not on Central Standard Time (CST) have been seeing CST times on their shops even though they chose another timezone in Setup. We've taken the first steps to getting this problem fixed fully and made the comments on your dashboard display the correct time. We'll tackle other parts in upcoming sprints.

We've also fixed countless issues that plague the platform without it being obvious and have made great strides towards code quality! Click here to see what bugs have been completed because of your Canny requests! Click here to see which features! Are you experiencing a bug that makes your day to day work life a bit more annoying? Submit or vote on the bug in Canny! If they're not on Canny bugs can be really hard for our team to find, this is a guaranteed way to get them in front of us, voting helps too!!!

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