Customers Not Being About to Access the Checkout URL in Messenger

Since the beginning of CommentSold we've had a bug that prevented customers from clicking the checkout URL in some cases from Messenger. This has been fixed this sprint!

Added Potential Revenue on the Facebook Posts Tab

When you go to the Facebook Posts tab and look at a scheduled post, you'll notice that it has the posts "Potential Revenue" now!

The Wrong Claim URL Was Being Sent to Existing Customers

We had a bug where clicking the claim url after the first time was not functioning as expected. This has been fixed and the claim url should work as expected now.

Facebook Post Location

On the Facebook Posts tab, new posts will have whether the post is pasted to a Group or Page.

Products Would Not Continuously Load When Scrolling

In some cases the products list on the /account page would only load one page of products/posts and not load anymore when you scroll down. Now this is fixed and shops with plenty of products/posts will continuously scroll as expected.

Messenger Count on the Reporting Page Is Now Correct

In the past the total Messenger Users were not displayed on the Reporting Page correctly. This has been fixed.

Toggle Shipping Method for Orders on the Customer Details Page

You can now toggle between Local Pickup and Shipping on the Customer Details Page when items are in their cart.

Quick Avalara Updates

We've finished most of the core functionality and we're working on getting everything together that's needed to onboard shops.

Take Your Boutique To The Next Level

We're creating playbooks on every possible challenge you will face as you scale your boutique. See what our team has created to help you here!

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