Click to View More Comments on the Dashboard

While we work on a more long-term solution we decided it was worth adding a "Load More" button to the Latest Comments section of the dashboard. This allows you to load more comments so you can see them all!

Ability to Input the Live Video Link on the Live Dashboard

Ever had a situation where your live video was not appearing when you went to link your live selection? You can now click Don't see your post?, input your live URL, and link it manually! Simply go to your live on Facebook and copy the url in these cases.

New CSV Reports for Tax Purposes for Multi-Warehouse Shops

Shops with multiple warehouses now have the warehouse location in the Sku, Product Name, Brand, Style, Qty on hand, Qty Sold, Price, Cost, Size, Color report. This will help these shops with taxes.

Single Barcode Progress

We've changed the new combined barcode feature based on feedback from our test group. If the feedback is good to go this week we plan on deploying this to all shops. We want to make sure this feature is good to go before deploying.

Avalara Progress

We're testing the onboarding functionality with Avalara now. It should be deployed this sprint if all goes well in our meetings. Thanks for your patience as we make sure this is a quality release and communicate with Avalara.

Helpful Information

We have someone who is dedicated to creating super short articles to make sure you know what to do in the different stages of growth. Check them out!

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