Accurate tax reporting is finally here and much more, check it out below!

Accurate Tax Calculations and Reporting with Avalara

We've been working on an integration with Avalara so you're 100% prepared to handle your taxes correctly based on this law in 2019. Avalara is now enabled for all shops. Follow this super easy guide to get setup. We've also included links to Avalara's coaching team to help you get state nexus setup. (we can not give tax advice) but Avalara's team has made themselves available! Their contact info is in the this article!

Manually Send App Notifications

You can now send mobile app notifications manually! Simply go to the Mobile App tab and you'll be able to set a customized notification title and body.

Custom Notification Title When Linking Posts

When you link a product to a post you now have the choice to set a custom notification title!

Enhanced Live Validation Interface

When editing live selections, all errors now appear at once and they are displayed in a MUCH cleaner way. This should be a whole lot more user friendly and help you create larger live selections more efficiently.

Information Not Appearing For IG Users

In the past when looking at the shopping cart tab, the information of Instagram users would not appear. This has been fixed!

Fixed Product Selections Resetting Pagination

In the past, when you added a product to a live selection the Products page would go back to page one, even if you're on a different page. This has been fixed and you'll stay on the page until you switch it manually.

Detailed Avalara Information

CommentSold suggests familiarizing yourself with the latest tax laws and setting Avalara up on your shop ASAP. A basic setup takes just a few minutes and the Avalara coach team is readily available to help you with more advanced topic and tax related questions! We are pushing Avalara hard because we want you to be covered while you're out there selling!

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