Fixed Duplicate products in ShipStation

We've fixed a bug where duplicate products would appear on ShipStation.

Fixed Issues With Removing Live Selections From Posts

Removing live selections was confusing and inconsistent in the past. Now there's only one remove button that works correctly, instead of a bunch of remove buttons that "might" work correctly.

Wholesale Customers Can Add Multiple Waitlists

We released a feature to limit the waitlists to one last week. This week we made it so this is not the case for wholesale customers and added a few fixes. This feature should work fully now.

Filters for Shops with Multiple Locations

When you have multiple warehouses enabled on CommentSold you can now filter your products list by location.

Easily Tell When Account Credit Was Applied to an Order on Shopify

You can now see when account credit has been applied on CommentSold from Shopify by viewing the order notes.

Only Stripe or Square Can be Enabled

We've added a limitation to only allow Stripe or Square to be enabled at once. This does not affect PayPal.

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