See Which Team Member Returned Items in an Order

You can now see who returned an item in an order. It's displayed under the orders View Products eyeball. Previously returned items will only say returned but new items will say who returned them.

Fixed an Issue With Creating Orderless Labels

In the past there were cases where creating an orderless label would make your page freeze at "Creating Label..." and wouldn't allow you to create another label until reloading the page. Now it will reset, let you correct your mistake, and create the label.


We're working on some awesome changes that will provide a lot of value when released. If you're in the CommentSold VIP group and missed CommentSold's February live update video from the CEO Brandon, you should check it out and get familiar with where we're all heading!

Take Your Boutique To The Next Level

Running a boutique comes with Many challenges! That's why we're providing a map to success with guides on how our most successful boutiques operate in different areas! It's a wild and fun ride, checkout the guides and you might just learn how to catch even bigger waves!

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