Auto-Linking No Longer Links Posts That Were Manually Linked

Customers who manually link their posts were impacted by a bug where autolink would link the post anyway. This has been fixed.

Duplicate SMS Messages Fixed

We've had issues with duplicate SMS messages being sent out. This has been fixed!

Select and Add Products to the App

You can now select all of the products you want to show on your app and add them! Β This feature does not send a notification when used!

Local Pickup is Now Excluded from 24 Hr Free Shipping

Before, if a customer was on local pickup while in the 24hr free shipping window, they could get free shipping on subsequent orders until the time ran out! This has been fixed.

Include Notes in Customer Emails

When refunding a customer or adding account balance you can now choose to send the notes with the email! This is unchecked by default.
Adding Balance:

The Email:

Strike-through on Sold Out Variants - Live Helpers

If all variants of "medium" are sold out, your live helpers will print a strike through on the medium variant.

ShipStation Orders Not Showing Tracking Number for Some

For some shops the tracking number would not appear on CommentSold when using ShipStation. This has been fixed.

Time Zone on the Payments by Hour Report Fixed

The "Payments broken out per hour" report was only displaying in Central Time no matter what time zone you've selected. Now it will show in your time zone.

Added Character Limitations In Needed Templates

Some templates would break or not show useful information when there are too many characters. We've added a limit to the two reports below to fix that.

Changed the Waitlist Cap from 1 to 5

We've recently made a change to limit the waitlist cap to 1 per user per variant. This has been increased to 5 per user per variant!

Take Your Boutique To The Next Level

Running a boutique comes with Many challenges! That's why we're providing a map to success with guides on how our most successful boutiques operate in different areas!

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