Shipping to Canada

You can now purchase shipping labels for Canada! No special process is needed to do this, just make sure you have Canadian shipping enabled in /setup/shipping. 

Fixed Issues With Live Posts / Product List Syncing

This sprint we've identified and fixed multiple issues around live posts going out of sync with the account page product list. Moving forward they should no longer get out of sync when you edit, add, or remove a live post!

Product Prices on Live Sales now Have Decimal Numbers

If the price of your product is "$24.47" it will display as "$24.47"
If the price of your product is "$24.00" it will still display as "$24"
Previously, even if you had the .47 it would only display as $24.

We've Expanded User Blocking

We now do the following when you block a customer:

  • Empty their cart
  • Empty their waitlist
  • Force log them out of the account page
  • Ignore comments (we do not add to cart or waitlist)
  • And we automatically add entries to the Inventory Logs when removed.

Fixed "Messenger Is Connected" On First Login

As you can see in the image, when a customer first logged into your account page it said that Facebook Messenger was connected when it wasn't. It now says to connect Messenger as expected.

Waitlist Page Changes

On all tabs of the Waitlist page it now defaults to No Date. This means that is shows the waitlists from all time. When you enter a date the Waitlists in Date Range column will be visible. You can click "Clear Date Range" to reset it to all time.

Scheduling App Posts In The Past Fixed

When an app post was scheduled in the past it would just post immediately which might not be expected in some cases. This now prevents this from happening. You can schedule in the future or just use "Post Immediately." 

Spam Clicking the Checkout Button on Messenger

Previously, "impatient Betty" could spam click the checkout button on the Messenger browser and duplicate orders would be created. This has been fixed!

The Sale Price Shows on Live Helpers

In the past we only displayed the regular price on Live Helpers even if the item was on sale. We now show the sale price when relevant!

💰 Avalara 💰  Have You Hit A State's Nexus?

Avalara has provided us with a useful map to determine if you've hit a nexus threshold in a state. We suggest everyone check this out and make sure your tax setup is good to go!

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