Product Selections: Error When Adding "0" Variant Product

In the past when you added a product to a selection that included a variant with "0" as the size or color, it would throw an error. This has been fixed!

Sending SMS Duplicates

We've taken another stab at stopping duplicate SMS messages from going out. Only 1 SMS message should go out per customer now.

Page Posts No Longer Require Comments to Auto-link

In the past when posting to a page from Facebook we would not pick it up until there was a comment. We've made it so we will discover the post even if it doesn't have a comment! 

Product Selections Froze When Saving on Safari

In some cases product selections would freeze when saved using the Safari browser. This has been fixed!

Order Webstore Products by Newest First Instead of SKU

Webstore posts will now be ordered by the newest product first instead of the SKU!

ShipStation Sync Issues

We've fixed more SS syncing issues related to rate limiting. 

Images Uploading Wrong

In some cases images were uploading incorrectly when used in the mobile app (inverted & larger). This has been fixed!

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