🔥 Give Customers The Ability to Say "register" to Create a New Account

Customers can now say “register” on a post OR in a direct message to your page and it will give them the link to register on your shop!

Portrait / Square Photos

Through blood, sweat, and tears support will change up to 10,000 of your photos to portrait using photoshop. No extra $ required! They'll even retaken them if necessary!

Daily Earnings Added to the Dashboard

You can now see how much revenue your shop has earned in the past day.

Expanded "Best Selling" Functionality

You can now find the best selling variants as well as products in the Best Selling report!

Post Link Notification Checkbox Broken on Mobile

Previously you couldn’t tap the checkbox on the Link to Post modal on mobile. This has been fixed.

Allow 0 Size on Live Helpers & Webstore

In the past, if you had a variant with the size of 0 on a live-helper or the webstore it would not show. This has been fixed.

Inventory log page update

We’ve revamped a lot of the inventory log messages to include more useful information so you can diagnose inventory issues quicker!


Products Are Now Clickable on The New Talent View

Clicking the name of a product on the talent view’s product selection tab will bring you to the products details page.

Avalara Reports Where Applicable

When you have Avalara enabled you’ll now be linked to Avalara’s reports page for the most accurate reports!

"Add Variant" Button Added to Gift Card Products

The Add Variant button was not available on gift card products in the past. You can now add variants to gift cards again.

Optimized the Shopping Cart Page

The shopping cart page used to be so inefficient that large shops could not load it in most cases. Our awesome developers have optimized it and it’s now insanely fast!

Square Zip Code Issues

In the past, the square payment gateway would have issues when the zip code needed to be different from your shipping zip. This has been fixed.

Shopify Syncing Issues

In the past, we would not tell you when a Shopify sync has failed. It would just keep spinning and leave shops confused. We’ve added a failed message and recoded the sync process to fail less frequently.

Groups Sometimes Not Showing in Facebook Setup

Sometimes groups would not appear in the setup tab when you have groups. This has been fixed.

Orders Getting Stuck on “loading...” when Expanded

Sometimes split orders would get stuck on loading when some shops clicked the eyeball. This has been fixed!

Toggle Whether Customers Can Remove Items from Their Cart

In the past, you had to contact the support team to disable cart removal (the trash can icon). You can now do this yourself in the Shop setup tab!

Added More Data on the Customer Export CSV

When you export customers from CommentSold you’ll now notice that it includes the First Purchase Date, Last Purchase Date, and Total (count) of Purchases.

Total Revenue Now Breaks Out Square Totals

The total revenue report now includes a breakout for square. We’ve also renamed “PayPal Charges” to “Commission Charges” to better reflect what’s shown.

Avalara Tools for CS Admins

The dev team has added tools that will help CommentSold employees make sure taxes are being recorded and calculated properly for your shops!

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