Live Overview: Comment Scrolling Fixed!

When you're looking at comments from the past you'll not be disturbed, instead you can click a button to go back to the latest comments when ready!

Bump Old Posts

You can now click a button to comment what's available on a post. As a result the post will be brought back to the top of your Facebook page / group!

What's Available Comment Bumping A Post Above Others:

Added Location History to Inventory Logs

When you move a variant to a new location in CommentSold an inventory log will be created.

Shop Setup Page Revamp

We've revamped the shop setup page to give you a cleaner view of the most important settings! Hype!! Oh and the shop URL is finally clickable!

Learn more to earn more!

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This Weeks Release Train Was:


😐 = Pretty good

😞 = Hmmm...

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