Sync Shopify Coupons with CommentSold

Coupons now sync from Shopify to CommentSold! Ask a CommentSold admin over support to start the syncing process.

Toggle One Hour Free Shipping for Canada

Due to the higher cost of shipping to Canada you now have the option to toggle whether Canadian shipping addresses get one hour free shipping. This is enabled by default.

Added the Claim Status to the Customer Details Page

We've added the current claim status on the Facebook Comments section of the Customer Detail Page!

Collection Coupon Fix

In the past, discount coupons created for specific selections would still say they were successfully redeemed when they were applied to a product outside of the selection. Now it will say that the coupon is invalid.

When Fulfilling Orders, The SKU is Shown in Scan Log

When you scan an item while fulfilling an order the SKU and variant details will now be added to the scan log. 

Added "First Order" to the Packing Slip

We've recently launched a feature that added the "First Order" label to first time purchases. Now it's visible on the order's packaging slip too!

Quicker Onboarding for New Shops

New shops are now greeted by a friendly interface that will guide them through the shop setup process!

Fixed The Post Tab Sorting

We recently introduced a bug where the Posts tab was sorted in reverse order. This has been fixed!

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