🔥 Updates to the Streaming App (Update your app!!)

We've updated the streaming app to make it buttery smooth on most connections! To take advantage of this you'll need to update your streaming app!

Search For Products by Name on The Live Overview

You can now search for products by name on the live overview.

Other Live Overview Improvements

  • 📱 The Live Preview on the overview page has been fixed!
  • Unregistered user names should appear on the real time comments view
  • Detailed status information is now provided on the real time comments view
  • The blue dots now appear for 7 seconds on new comments

Show the Price the Customer Paid on ShipStation

We now send more information to SS via the notes giving details of how the user paid for the item. 

Changes to Avalara Reporting

When Avalara is enabled, we allow you to download CSVs with the "Total Tax" values since these reports have multiple use cases. For more detailed tax reporting we've provided a link to Avalara's reporting page. When Avalara is disabled you can download a more detailed CSV.

Send Variant Details to ShipStation

This will allow you to group products by both product and variant.

Fixed: Checkout Bugs on the New Account Page

Thanks for letting us know about the bugs you've been having with the new account page's checkout. These issues should now be resolved.

This Weeks Release Train Was:


😐 = Pretty good

😞 = Hmmm...

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