🔥🔥 Mystery Products: A Fun Way To Sell Old Inventory! 🔥🔥

Now, you can use CommentSold to sell your older inventory using one of e-commerce's hottest trends, MYSTERY ITEMS!!!! That's right: your customer will not know what they are getting until they unbox it at home! Consumers are obsessed with mystery items because it's a low-risk gamble that guarantees a win! Check Out This Guide to learn more and get started with mystery products!!

Second Confirmation When Bulk Deleting Products

We've made it more difficult to accidentally delete your products. Below is a second modal as an "ARE YOU SURE?" barrier.

Display Product Notes on the Inventory Page

You can now see product notes on the top of the variants page! If they get too long they will scroll as expected. 

App Users by Device on the Reporting Tab

You can now see your total app users on the reports tab! This metric does not depend on the set date range, it always shows the total app users. 

You'll also find a new icon next to users with mobile apps on the Customers page. You can hover your mouse over the icon to see if they have Android or IOS.

New Account Page Fixes

  • Credit cards are no longer required on $0 orders

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