Go Live as Your Page or Profile

We've added a new option on the Facebook Setup Tab to go live as your page instead of your profile. 

Waitlist Authorization Automatically Uses Account Credit

When a shopper authorizes their waitlisted item and it's back in stock the system automatically applies account credit and charges their card for the rest. Account balance will be used when shoppers purchase an item with Comment Charge enabled.

Return Policy on the Account Page + Editor

We've added a link to your return policy on the account page! 

Don't have one yet? We've also added a way to add a return policy to your shop!

"Return Policy" will not show on the account page if the policy is empty on the Returns setup tab.

Updated The Buttons on the Orders Tab

We've updated the main buttons on top of the orders page to show a clear path to fulfillment.

Reposting No Longer Duplicates Variants

There was an issue with variants being duplicated when you reposted from CommentSold. This should no longer occur.

Bulk Deleting Products Modal Fixed

In the past we had to reload the page because the OK button wouldn't work. This has been fixed.

Retail Prices Can Now be $0

Refund Bug Crushed

When you refund the second item of the order the amount will be the same. In the past it was 1 cent off and didn't allow you to refund.

Added Apartment to the Customer Details Page

You can now add an apartment to a customer from the customer details page!

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