Mystery Item Overhaul

We've fixed a lot of the most common complaints around mystery items over the past few weeks! Here's a list of what we've done.

  1. You can now purchase multiple mystery items at once!
  2. Mystery products will now match products without a size or variant!
  3. Customer emails will no longer contain the product they've received, instead they'll see the mystery product!
  4. We now look at the first date product selections were posted, not the most recent date.
  5. Mystery products no longer appear in the inventory reports!
  6. You can now access Mystery Item Retail Value and COGS reporting by going to
  7. The packaging slip now says "Mystery Item" on it!

Comment "What's available" broken on Safari/mobile

Previously, the "What's Available" was broken on Safari. We also discovered that this feature was available on schedule posts. Both of these issues have been fixed.

Easier Waitlist Authorization!

Previously, users had to scroll down to their waitlist item to authorize the purchase. Now a banner appears and when clicked the user can waitlist the product!

Paginating Orders

Customer's orders are now paginated on the new account page! (the orders in the gif are placeholders).

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