Added Whether A Customer Has Been Confirmed on Business pages

We've added icons on the Customers tab that show whether or not the user has been confirmed. "Confirmed" means the user has clicked the link and gone to the account page from Messenger (this is only required on business pages). Green means the user has been confirmed and Red means they have not.

Introducing: Final Sale!

Essentially, final sale lets your customers know that they can not return an item once purchased and makes sure all staff members know if returns are available for this customer or not.

  1. When you mark a product as final sale *Final Sale* is permanently added to the product's title.
  2. A timestamp is placed on the order and the product details page so you know if the customer bought the item before or after it was set to Final Sale.
  3. When posting a Final Sale product "No Returns or exchanges" is added to the description.
  4. You can NOT undo making a product final sale!

To make a product Final Sale simply go to the details page of an existing product, check Final Sale, and update the product! You CAN return, exchange, and refund products when a product is Final Sale, this is a tool to let you know that they purchased knowing it's final sale.

New Top Offenders Toggle

You can now Enable "Only show customers that have never ordered" to see customers who have tied up inventory but have never actually purchased anything!!

Marketing Automation Fixes

  • Marketing Automation Coupons are now one time use!
  • Marketing Automation coupons no longer say “40” or “Twenty”!
  • We've added a warning when enabling the "First Purchase Discount" modal that tells you that it will be sent to all previous customers who fit the criteria. 

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