24hr Free Shipping on The New Account Page

The old account page had 24hr free shipping for the customer's whole cart. This has been added to the new account page!

Scanned Items Are Moved to the Top When Scanned

When fulfilling an order the most recently scanned product will move to the top of the order products list! This will reset once you reload the page.

Account Page Order History Now Shows The Correct Date

Previously, the old account page did not display the correct order date but the admin orders page did. This has been fixed and both locations show the correct date.

Sale Prices Factored into Pending Revenue &

 Shopping Cart Values

The Pending Revenue on the dashboard and the prices on items in the shopping cart tab now reflect Sale Prices.

Live Overlay Strike-through Toggle Fixed

Previously the strike-through toggle on the live overlay couldn't be disabled. This has been fixed and the strike-through will no longer show when this toggle has been disabled.

Remove Waitlists in Bulk

You can now select and remove waitlisted items in bulk on https://commentsold.com/admin/waitlist!

What's Coming Soon?

We're currently working on reworking our Instagram integration so anyone will be able to use CommentSold and Instagram together seamlessly! We don't have too many details just yet but posts will be able to auto-link and it will "just work!"

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