Highlight VIP Customers on The Live Overview

Ever wanted to see who your top customers are when doing a live sale? Now you can! The live dashboard now highlights comments from customers who have spent over a threshold you define! To enable this feature for your next live sale simply go here and enable Highlight VIP Customers!

Adjust Cart Removal by Platform

You can now enable/disable whether customers can remove items from their shopping cart (aka the trashcan). These options are available by Webstore, Mobile App, and Account Page. If webstore products are set to not removable they will not be removable on the account page either, same for the mobile app. To manage cart removal go here!

Not Received Displayed on the Orders Page

If a product in an order hasn't been received it will now show on the Orders page!

Exporting Top Offenders Fixed

You can now export the Top Offenders list with or without the "Only show customers that have never ordered" toggle enabled. Previously it had to be enabled.

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