Grow Your AOV (Average Order Value) With One-Click Upsells!

The new secondary offer feature displays intelligently chosen upsells after an order has been submitted to increase average order value and improve inventory sell-through. This will help you turn your inventory much faster and get rid of that pesky dead-inventory

After the customer clicks "Pay" - they will be shown a secondary offer. It is shown post-purchase, so it will not have a negative affect on your checkout rates. This is an important distinction in the feature, since we want to make sure we keep checkout rates high!

You can set secondary offer up in just 3 minutes! Checkout our guide to get started!



Q: What if I want to just do a single product?
Simple! Just put the item into a unique collection!

Q: How does the system know what size to recommend?
    A: The system automatically looks at previous orders to establish an ideal size. We will soon add the ability to have multiple secondary offers. 

Q: Can I recommend changes/features?
    A: Absolutely! Head over to or message support and they can do it for you! Make sure you include [secondary offer] in the subject so our product team can quickly find it! We will make a first-wave of changes within a week of the launch.

Q: Are there any payment methods that Secondary Offer does not work with?
Secondary Offer does not work with Account Credit, but it does work with any other payment method!

Q: If the customer has a coupon attached to their order, does that coupon also apply to the secondary offer item?
No, it does not. You've already defined a secondary offer discount, so it disregards any in-cart coupon already applied!


Ready, Set, Earn!

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