Intercom Is Now Available

When you enter and save your Intercom ID shoppers will see the Intercom chat bubble on the bottom right of the account page and webstore. You can enter your id here. If you want to learn how to setup your own Intercom account you can read about this here!

You Can Now Ship APO Orders Within CommentSold

You can now ship to overseas military locations.

Account Page Fixes:

  •  Clicking delivery without an address prompts you to add an address.
  •  Canada is now only allowed when International Shipping is enabled
  • Cleaned up the 24 hr shipping text when nothing is in the cart: You will get free shipping when you have a paid order in the last 24 hours. We also made it so it only shows when 24 hr free shipping is enabled.
  •  Auto-fill has been improved
  • Fixed the page not always going to the Cart when an item is in the cart.

Enable Free Shipping Per Customer

If you would like to reward extremely loyal customers you can do that by enabling Free Shipping for them! They will not be charged the cost of shipping until this is disabled.

Clear Free Shipping

Have a lot of customers with Free Shipping enabled that shouldn't anymore? You can now clear Free Shipping from all customers at once here

Sezzle Fixed For >$1,000 Orders

In the past shoppers could not checkout with Sezzle on orders greater than $1,000 USD. Since that's the point of Sezzle we've fixed this!

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