This guide is for those who want to go live on Facebook manually (bypassing third parties). 

This feature has to be enabled for you by a CommentSold staff member. If you were sent this guide it's likely enabled already and you can proceed.

Setup Your Live

  • On Facebook (desktop), navigate to the page and/or group you want to go live on. 

Click "Live" - the location of this button is different with Pages and Groups but is easy to find.

  • Next click "Connect" at the top and then click Copy on the Server URL
  • Go back to your Live Dashboard on CommentSold and click the third step, Choose Where To Go Live. Then click Copy & paste stream URLs.
  • Check the box of the page/group you want to go live on and paste the Server URL into the Server URL box. Go back to Facebook and copy the Stream Key and paste it in the Stream Key field on CommentSold.
  • Now click Go Live as usual in CommentSold. 
  • NOTE: You must click "Go Live" on Facebook as well unless you scheduled it
  • Now you're live and you can run your live as you always do!

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