๐Ÿšš Order Filters

Order filters allow you to only view the orders in each state! This can help your different teams stay organized and be more efficient!

Live Selection Product Filters

You can now filter the Products page to only see products in live selections / those without live selections!ย 

Live Overview Improvements

Tired of having to walk to your computer to scroll up and down to see your remaining inventory and variants? This has been fixed, the dashboard video, Products list, and Product Details are now scrollable so you can set it up how you want! Our team has also added tons of improvements for smaller computer screens (not mobile). We've also patched an issue with the inventory not updating in real-time.

๐Ÿ’ŽInventory Log Filters!

You can now filter inventory logs by Location Changes, Waitlist , Restocks , Returns , Expired , Added to Cart , and Removed from Cart !

App Posts Page Filters!

We've added "Scheduled" and "Not Scheduled" filters to the App Posts page!

The App Posts Page Now Hold It's Order

When you leave and re-enter the app posts page it will be in the order you left it last. You'll need to sort the page how you want it sorted before it will stick but after that it will stay forever!

Print Tag Now Works When Processing Returns

The "Print Tag" barcoding feature was previously broken when processing returns in some situations. This now works as expected.

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