🔀 Split Items From Order When Not Received

REQUIRED: Ask your Account Strategist to enable this if you're interested.
There are cases where an order will be created when an item has not been received yet. In the past these orders would need to be manually split before fulfilling the 3 other items that were in stock already. CommentSold now splits unreceived items from orders automatically.
A couple notes,

  • Works with Shopify and ShipStation
  • If you have multiple unreceived items in an order they will split to individual orders since they may be received at different times

Ability to See Who Redeemed a Giftcard

You can now see who has redeemed individual gift cards and click on the customer name to view their details page. 

Hide Checkbox When Messenger Pages Are Disabled

We now hide the messenger checkbox on the account page when no Messenger page is enabled. 

Reporting Per Coupon Code

You can now go here to view a detailed report of all of your coupon codes. This can help you determined what is performing the best. Some people may use this to know what to pay their influencers.

Filter the Orders Page by Date

Orders can now be filtered by date so you can Process/Print specific day(s) at a time.

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