💎 Allow Multiple Collections for a Single Coupon

You can now create a single coupon that works with multiple collections! This will allow you to have a coupon that works with different clothing types instead of creating several coupons for the same purpose. 

⏹ Display the Total Viewer Count from All Platforms on Facebook

We now display the total viewer count from Facebook and your App on the top right of Facebook streams. This allows shoppers, regardless of how they are watching your live, to know the total viewers across platforms!

⏹ Product Tab Filters Now Stay

The filters on the product tab will now stay until you remove them!

⏹ Price & Potential Revenue on the Products Tab

You can now see the price and potential revenue of each product!

⏹ Filter The Products Tab by Collection(s) and Date Range

You can now filter the products tab down to specific collections. You can also filter down to different time periods.

🔀 Added the "Split Order" Tag to Auto-Split Orders

When we launched a feature to auto split Non-Received items from orders last week we realized that the "Split Order" tag was not appearing. This has been fixed!

⏹ Fixed Side Scrolling on Various Admin Dashboard Pages

Have you ever tried using CommentSold's admin dashboard on mobile and tried to scroll to the side to reach the 3 dot menu or see data? It used to be super hard - if not impossible!! Thankfully with this new update you can now scroll from side to side without troubles!
Pages Fixed:

  • Edit Variant Page
  • Products Page
  • Edit Product Page
  • Posts Page
  • Orders Page
  • Order Fulfillment Page
  • Coupons Page
  • Customers Page

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