⏹ Save Dynamic Live Products to a Product Selection

Save your dynamic live product list as a Product Selection so that you can review it later and see the remaining potential product revenue in the Products Tab. Simply click “End Live Sale” and a modal will appear offering to save the selection with a name of your choice. You can either click “End Live Without Saving” or “Save and End Live”. If you saved the selection you’ll see it when you go to the Products page!

Once saved you'll see the selection on the products page!

⏹ Added a Tag to Secondary Offer Orders

Orders with a Secondary Offer purchase will now have a tag on the Order and the secondary offer product. This allows for more visibility of the secondary offer feature.

⏹ Added ”This Week Last Year” Sales to the Dashboard

You've been able to view your week-to-date sales on the dashboard for a while. Now you can also compare this to the same week last year.

⏹ Single Variant Items Now Show on the Live Overlay

Previously, single variant items would not display the variant on the overlay. Now it does!

⏹ New VIP Tag on the Orders Page

When looking at the orders page, you can now see which orders were created by a VIP customer. This can be used to add an extra item to your VIP customer’s shipments so they’re delighted. 

⏹ Total Viewers Showing as 0

We introduced a bug last week that made the Total Viewer count on Facebook show as 0. This was diagnosed and fixed soon after it was discovered. 



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