⏹ Aged Inventory Report

The aged inventory report will help you find where your existing old inventory is so that you can make decisions on discounts and reposting. What brands are your oldest inventory? Which collections are your oldest inventory tied up in? Aged Inventory allows you to drill into those specific products so that you can take action on them.

⏹ Easier Push Notification Customization 

When posting to Facebook / Instagram from CS or auto-linking your existing posts, you now have an easier way to provide the push notification text used on your app. When you add or edit a product you’ll see a “Notifications” section where you can specify the Title and Body of the push notification! This will be used when auto-linking, manually linking, and in app posts. If you do not put text in the notification fields the standard “there is a new item in your feed” text will be used.

⏹ Additional Filters on the Products Tab

We’ve added filters for “Has Image” and “Not in Stock”.

⏹ Webstore Visibility

Ever wanted your shop URL to go to your webstore instead of the account page by default? Simply turn on this setting to make that happen! When this setting is enabled, consider that yourShop.commentsold.com will no longer link directly to the account page. Instead, it will link to your webstore so you’ll need to update all URLs that send customers to the account page to yourShop.commentsold.com/account!

⏹ Google Analytics Tracking Number

We’ve added a new field to insert your Google Analytics tracking ID for the webstore!

🦟 Fixed: Filters Button Behind the Add Product Button

Previously, the Filters button was behind the Add Product button on mobile. They no longer overlap!

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