When you visit the Setup Page you will notice a few sections - I'll break them down

Payment Gateways

The first section is Payment Gateways - Stripe, Paypal, and Square. We did an overview in our "Getting Started" guide, so I'll skip over that.

"Shop" Settings

Shop URL

This is where your users will go to look at their account - their items, current and previous orders, shipping status, update their address, etc

Shop Name/Description

This is what your user will see when they visit their account page, prior to logging in. Make sure to be friendly!


Expire is the number of hours before an invoice expires and goes onto the next user in line. This is a unique way that commentsold processes orders. If you have 10 dresses in stock, and there are 50 orders - the first 10 comments will get the dress in their cart and the remaining 40 will be placed on the Waitlist. Those first 10 comments have 24 hours (by default) to pay for their item before it "Expires" and moves onto the next person in line. This has been a very powerful tool for our other customers and we hope it will be valuable to you! 


Reminder is the number of hours before reminding someone that they need to pay. We typically recommend that this is half of your expire. In this case, if a user comments on an item at 9am, we will email them at 9pm to remind them "Hey, you need to pay for this item or you will lose it!"

Night Time Expire

This feature allows you to put a hold on all carts from 11pm-7am. If disabled, no carts will expire, nor will waitlisted items be added during the times of 11pm-7am. If enabled then carts and waitlist jobs will run around the clock. 

Product List

The product list allows your customers to shop your products, view what's in stock or waitlisted from right within their account page. They can quickly add to cart and build their order before checking out!


Currently we only support flat-rate for what you will charge the user for shipping. Go ahead and put a number in there that you feel comfortable charging the user to cover your cost of shipping. You can also enable "variable shipping" to charge an additional $1, or any amount on any additional item in their order besides the first. 

Local Pickup

Some of our customers like the option of their users being able to order and pickup their item, instead of the item being shipped. If you want to give your users this option, you can click "Enable Local Pickup"

That's it!

Now go dance and celebrate that you are all setup and ready to GROW!

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