So you are growing your business and things are great - when the inevitable happens - you need to process a return. This is part of the growth of your company and luckily, CommentSold makes it super simple to process returns.

First, find the order by either going to the Orders tab or the Customers tab

You'll see some navigation over on the right side of the order, click the bottom arrow:

You'll now see the products from the order:

Simply click "Return this product". CommentSold will popup and ask you if you want to return it to inventory or not. If you click OK, it returns it to inventory to be purchased by another customer. If you click Cancel, it does not return it to inventory (useful if the item is damaged, for example)

You'll then be guided back and you can chose whether or not to refund the customer to their account balance. This will automatically send an email to the customer letting them know that you've processed their return:

That's it! Continue on and sell sell sell!

Also note that you can read more about what vendors have what return percentage in the Reports Page!

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