This is a feature that was implemented because Facebook is unpredictable and ever-changing! We wanted multiple ways to upload photos to a group and post to a group.

Instagram is coming soon, and this is the process for linking Instagram posts to products as well!

"Posting" to Facebook

First, go to your Products Page, find the product you want to post, click the options and select "Post to Facebook". You will see a screen like this:

What you are going to want to do, is right-click and save that photo. Save it what the sku is, so it's easy to remember, like sku8.jpeg

Next, you will want to copy the text so you can easily input it into Facebook.

Manually Posting to Facebook

Go ahead and post to your Facebook Group with the text you copied (you can of course change this, just wanted to make it easier on our users), and upload the Photo you saved earlier. It should look like this:

Linking Posts -> Product

After you post to Facebook, simply go back to your Products Page, find the Product you just posted to Facebook, click the options buttons and click "Link to Post". This will bring up your recent Facebook posts and allow you to "link" one of them:

Click Link and that's it! You'll get a notification saying it was Successfully Linked:

All done!

Facebook has indicated to us that they are fixing the bug related to the pictures and we should be back online soon!! We wanted to give a work-around for our customers to use immediately!

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