It's very simple to get setup and I'll walk you through every step. Don't give up!

Total Setup Time: 2 minutes

Authenticating with Instagram

Simply go to Instagram Setup to start. Just like Facebook, you are going to grant CommentSold permission to read comments for items that you post to Instagram! 

Click "Connect Instagram"

After connecting, you will see your Instagram account authorized! 

Posting to Instagram

Now you are ready to post products to Instagram. Simply go to the Products tab and find the product you want to post. We want to download the photo to our phone/computer, and also copy the description. Click on the three dots next to the product and first click "Download Image"

You'll want to save this image to your phone, so we can upload it to Instagram

After you've saved the imagine, go back to the three dots and this time we will click "Copy Text"

You'll then get a popup, simply click "Copy Text" to copy it to your clipboard

Now open up your Instagram app and upload the photo you just downloaded

You can use whatever filter/effects you want! On the next screen, we will paste the description we copied earlier. 

Note: It is important that you leave the hashtag that is included with the sku

That's it! 

If you go back to your Instagram Posts in CommentSold you will see the Instagram upload automagically linked to your product!

All Done!

As always, please let us know if there's anything we can help with!

Your customers will still go to (You will want to put this into your profile for them to find it) to login/checkout. At this time, they will have to login with Facebook first and then link their Instagram. We are working on a way to let them use either/or and then link them together after the fact. By doing this, if they were previously a customer, all their saved credit cards, address, order history, Messenger, etc is saved and copied over.

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